MR.MENTION Terms and Conditions
The general provisions of chapter 1

Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms and conditions shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the use of all services provided by " MR.MENTION" (the " Services ") operated by the Company, and
※ These terms and conditions shall apply to the use of PC communication or wireless. This applies to all e-commerce services provided by " Company ".

Article 2 (Definition of terms)
The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows :
1. " MR.MENTION" refers to a virtual business establishment established by " company " using information and communication facilities to provide services to " users " and also means business.
2. The term " service " refers to all services, such as accommodations provided by the company, and the information provided by the third party through the application programming interface (API) disclosed by the company is developed or deployed by the third party.
3. " User " means a guest or host using the service provided by the company.
4. " Member " means a guest or host that enters into a service agreement with " Company " and uses " Service " provided by " Company " under these terms.
5. ID : A unique combination of letters and numbers approved by the company in accordance with the member`s application for identification and service use.
6. " Password " refers to the combination of letters and numbers of members who have been set up and registered with the company to identify their identity.
7. " Content " refers to all posts, photos, videos, and membership posted to lease the " rent " provided by the company.
8. " Fees " means the small fee paid by the " Renters " to the " Company " as the contract is concluded.

Article 3 (Specify, explain and revise the terms and conditions)
1. The company publishes the contents of these terms and conditions, together with the name of each other and representatives, the address of the place of business, phone number, e-mail address, and business license number on the company website (the initial screen of service). However, the contents of these terms and conditions can be viewed through the connection screen.
2. The company is responsible for promoting and protecting consumer protection in electronic commerce, the Act on the Regulation of Terms, the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Trade, the Act on Electronic Finance, the Act on Electronic Signature Trade, and the Information Network.
3. In case the company revises the terms and conditions, it shall notify them on the company website (the initial screen of service) from 7 days before the application date of the amended agreement by specifying the application date and reason. However, in case the terms and conditions are amended against the users, the company shall include written (including electronic documents or e-mail), pop-up window, etc., in addition to the initial screen notice of the service 30 days prior to the application date.
4. If the company revises the terms and conditions, the amended terms shall apply only to contracts drawn up after the application date unless the relevant statutes or other inevitable reasons exist, and the terms and conditions shall be changed before the contract.
5. If the user continues to use the company`s services after the application date notified in accordance with paragraph 3, he or she agrees to the amendment agreement. If the member does not agree to the terms and conditions of the amendment, the member can terminate the contract at any time.
6. The terms and conditions of this Agreement or the interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by applicable laws or commercial regulations, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and so on.

Chapter 2 Establishment and Expiration of Member Contracts
Article 4 (Signing a Member Agreement)
1. The membership contract shall be concluded by the applicant agreeing to the contents of these terms and conditions and then applying for membership. However, in the case that the applicant (a legal representative of the child) fully agreed to the agreement provided with the contents of this Agreement at the time of registration, the company displays the consent check box.
2. The company may request the applicant for real name verification and authentication through a professional institution in connection with the application for membership under paragraph 1.
3. The subscriber shall provide the mandatory items (name, date of birth, sex, e-mail address, password, phone number, address, etc.) of his personal information at the request of the company.
4. In principle, the company approves of applicants ` application for service use. However, the company may either refuse to accept an application under any of the following clauses or terminate the membership contract afterwards.

1 ) In case the name of another person is not real or used
2 ) In case a subscriber has lost his or her membership under these terms prior to the date of application for membership (except if the company has obtained consent to rejoin the membership)
3 ) In case false information is recorded or mandatory items provided by the company are not included
4 ) In case a child under 14 does not obtain the consent of the legal representative
5 ) In case a user requests to rejoin a member within 30 days of withdrawal or uses the service for fraudulent purposes or profit pursuit
6) An application is made in violation of the relevant statutes or with a view to undermining good manners and social order.
7 ) In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the users or other details are violated.

5. The company may defer acceptance in the event of a lack of service related facilities or technical or business problems.
6. In principle, the company shall notify the applicant if the application for membership is not accepted or suspended in accordance with Sec.4 or 5.
7. The time of signing a membership contract is when the company indicates to the applicant that the member contract was signed.

Article 5 (Termination of a Member Agreement)
1. The member may cancel the contract by requesting withdrawal from the company at any time. However, the member shall complete, withdraw, or cancel the transaction of all goods in progress before notice of cancellation. The member shall be responsible for any disadvantages arising from the withdrawal of the member and upon termination of the service contract, the member shall be entitled to collect any additional benefits provided to the member.
2. In case a member is subject to the following reasons, the company may restrict or suspend the membership :

1) In case a false information is registered at the time of application
2) In the event that " MR.MENTION" has not been used to pay the member`s payment of the purchased goods, services, and other liabilities related to the use of "MR.MENTION"
3) In case of an electronic transaction order threat, such as interference with another person`s use or stealing that information
4) In case of acts prohibited by statute or these terms using "MR.MENTION"
5) In case personal information of a " MR.MENTION" is exchanged separately or induced to another site
6) Actions that violate Chapter 3
7) In case a member inflicts property or non-tax damages directly or indirectly to the company or a third party in relation to goods or services
8) In case a member violates the company`s rights, honor, credit or other legitimate interests

3. In case a company or member cancels a member`s contract, the company shall handle the withdrawal of the member within three business days from notification of the cancellation or notice.
4. In case a company or member cancels the member contract, the data of the member shall be processed immediately after completion of the cancellation work, except in the case of the company having the member information in accordance with the relevant laws and privacy policy.

1 ) Failure procedure : The company selects the personal information for which the reason for destruction occurred, and destroys the personal information after obtaining approval from the owner of the Privacy Plan.
2 ) Restruction method : The company destroys information processed in electronic file form so that the records can not be replayed and personal information processed by paper documents can be crushed or burned with a grinder.

5. In case a company or member cancels a member`s contract, the member`s reserve fund and the coupon shall be destroyed.
6. The cancellation date of a member`s contract is when the company indicates the cancellation of the member`s contract (withdrawal from membership) to the member.

Article 6 (Notice to Members)
1. In the event that the company notifies the members, the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the members shall be in writing (including electronic documents or e-mail), unless otherwise stipulated in this Agreement.
2. In case of notification to the entire member, the company can replace the notification under paragraph 1 by posting it in the company`s notice (customer center) for more than seven days. However, individual notification shall be made on matters in which the members have a significant impact on service use.

Chapter 3 Using Services
Article 7 (Delivery and modification of services)
1. The company provides the following services to the members.

1 ) Information on accommodation
2 ) Concierge service (hereinafter referred to as room service)
3 ) IOT Doorlock Service
4 ) Other services provided by other companies through additional development or partnership agreements with other companies

2. The company provides operational or technical needs for some other reasons, such as the difficulty and profitability of providing smooth service due to reduced use, and the change in company policy regarding service delivery.
3. The company may change, suspend, or abolish any or all of the services provided to the members for free according to the management needs of the company, unless otherwise specified in the relevant law.

Article 8 (Service and customer center hours)

1. In principle, the service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a year.
2. The company may temporarily suspend service provision in case of maintenance inspection, replacement and failure of information communication facilities, communication interruption or operational reasons. In this case, the company shall notify the members by the method specified in Article 6 (Notice to members). However, if there is an inevitable reason why the company can not notify the company in advance, it may notify the company after the fact.
3. The company can conduct regular inspection when necessary to provide the service. The regular inspection time is as announced on the company website (initial screen of service).
4. The customer center`s operational hours for service operations are as follows :
Customer Center Operation:10pm to 19 PM next day (except lunch time : 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM)

Article 9 (provision of information and publication of advertising)
1. The company can provide information that is recognized as necessary for the member`s service use to the member by means of notices or written (including electronic documents or e-mail), SMS (SMS), phone, application push (push), etc. However, the member may refuse to receive the above information at any time except for the transaction information and customer inquiries under the relevant laws.
2. The company can post advertisements on the company website (the initial screen of the service), e-mail, SMS, and app push (app push) regarding the operation of the service. However, in case of electronic transmission media, such as e-mail, SMS, app push, etc., the company must withdraw the information communication network use and the information protection act. Members who receive e-mail advertised may refuse to accept the e-mail to the company.

Article 10 (Service Use and Intellectual Property Rights)
1. The intellectual property rights of the materials prepared or edited by the company in connection with the service delivery method (including the secondary work) are imputed to the company and the members obtained from the service use process.
2. The copyright of the " postings " in which the members post information such as symbols, letters, voice, sound, video, videos, and other forms of information on the service using the service is provided by the members.
3. When using the member service, the company can display the member`s postings on the member service screen. In such a case, the company complies with the copyright law regulations and the member may request at any time through the customer center or application to take action such as deletion or non-disclosure of the postings.
4. If the company has a reason for the violation of the rights or other temporary actions in accordance with the applicable laws, even without the request of the authority under the preceding paragraph.
5. In order to promote the desired bulletin board culture, the company may delete certain parts of the bulletin board or modify the contents with a symbol.
6. The individual authors shall be responsible for all rights and responsibilities related to postings. In addition, information disclosed voluntarily through postings can not be protected, so please think carefully before revealing the information.
7. All postings created by the customer upon cancellation of the subscription will be destroyed automatically.

Article 11 (Management of postings)
1. In the event that the member`s postings violate relevant laws, such as the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and the Act on the Protection of Information, the person who owns the rights of the company shall be included.
2. The company shall post any temporary action or other temporary action violation in accordance with the applicable laws or regulations, even if the rights of the company or a third party are not requested to do so.

Article 12 (Limit Service Use)
1. In the event a member violates the obligations of these terms and conditions or interferes with the normal operation of the service, the company may phase out the service use through warnings, suspension, suspension of the member contract, etc.
2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the company provides illegal programs, such as identity theft and payment theft, phone number theft, copyright law, protection of computer programs, and prevention of information communication.
3. In the event of a permanent suspension of the service according to paragraph 1. or 2., the member`s service use is restricted.
4. In case the company restricts the service use, the company notifies the members pursuant to Article 6 (Notice to User) of the restriction 30 days ago by specifying the reasons for the service use restriction and the usage limit.
5. Within two weeks of receiving notification of the restriction, the member may file an objection to the company regarding the restriction of use pursuant to paragraph 1 or 2. The company shall immediately lift the service use limit to members when their objections are deemed justified.

Chapter 4 General in Reservation
Article 13 (Storage of reserved transaction records)
Scheduled transaction records are retained for a period of time under the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

Article 14 (Payment method available for booking transactions)
The payment method for goods or services purchased by the Company may be one of the following :

1) Credit card payment, account transfer, and other payment methods designated by the company

Article 15 (decision on purchase and remittance on scheduled transactions)
1. The members can make " booking transactions " by following the procedures below in accordance with these terms and conditions and the regulations set by the company.

1) Enter name, contact, etc.
2) Select goods or services and service period
3) Selecting the number of employees who use goods or services
4) Selecting a payment method

2. In case the member has agreed to the purchase contract conclusion check box (reservation conclusion) and paid for purchase of goods, services or goods, the company shall apply the terms and conditions of the reservation.
3. The company can provide various services required for the members ` reservation transactions and charge service fees according to the company`s internal policies.

Article 16 (cancellation and refund on scheduled transactions)
1. The company`s cancellation and refund regulations in the event of a " reservation transaction " shall comply with the relevant laws, including the Consumer Protection Act.
2. When canceling a " reservation transaction ", the first priority is to negotiate between guest and host members.
3. In the event that Article 16, Clause 2 is not implemented, the company may set separate cancellation and refund regulations, in this case, the cancellation and refund rules for separate contracts and conditions of use shall apply first.
4. “예약거래”시 숙소예약의 특성상 취소와 환불은 숙박업소와 확인 후 처리하게 되며, 신용카드결제 시, 신용 카드사의 환불기준에 의거하여 시일이 소요될 수 있습니다.
4. The legal representative of a minor or minor may cancel the purchase of a minor according to the provisions of the Civil Code, but the company believes that the underage is a fraud and that it has the consent of a legal representative.
5. Other cancellation and refund details not stipulated in the instructions for use of these terms and conditions and services shall be subject to the relevant laws, including the Consumer Basic Act.

Chapter 5 The duties of the company and its users

Article 17 (Company obligations)

1. The company shall not conduct acts prohibited by law and these terms and conditions and shall provide goods and services in a consistent and stable manner according to the principles of good faith.
2. The company must have a security system to protect the users ` personal information (including credit information) so that they can use the Internet service safely.
3. The company shall be responsible for compensating the member for damages by performing unfair marking or advertising acts in Article 3 of the Act on the Standardization of Products and Advertising.

Article 18 (obligations of users and members)
1. The member shall be responsible for the management of the e-mail address, password, and payment method necessary for the service use and shall not be allowed to use the above information by third parties.
2. The members shall comply with the related statutes, provisions of these terms and conditions, information on service use, and shall not interfere with or interfere with other activities.
3. The member shall not :

1 ) The act of registering false information when applying for or changing a service
2 ) The act of stealing information from others
3 ) Sending or posting information other than the information specified by the company (computer programs, etc.)
4 ) The act of infringing on the intellectual property rights of the company and third parties
5 ) The act of defamation or credit damage or obstruction of work by the company or third parties
6 ) The act of disclosing or posting information that is contrary to the meaning of obscene or violent messages, images, voice, etc.
7 ) The act of using the service for profit without the consent of the company
8 ) Cloning, disassembling or imitation of a service through processing
9 ) An act to interfere with the company`s business and service delivery by using the service in an abnormal way through an automatic access program (macro)
10 ) The use of various event services performed by the company for its members is inconsistent with the company service policy
11 ) The company`s service use process (including the process of raising objections to the service) includes the company`s employees (including part-time workers and dispatched employees) by assault, intimidation, slander, etc.
12 ) In violation of other related statutes or regulations set by the company

4. Except for cases officially recognized by the company, users can not seek profit through the use of the service, and can not use hacking of the company`s information and communication facilities (including links to advertising and pornography)
5. The company shall not be held liable for any damages caused by the administrative or non-commissional damages caused by the user`s violation of any of the above duties.

Article 19 (Privacy)
1. When collecting members` personal information, the company collects the minimum amount of personal information to the extent necessary to provide the service.
2. The company does not collect information necessary to fulfill purchase contracts in advance when registering as a member. However, this is not the case in which a minimum amount of specific personal information is collected, as identification is required prior to the purchase contract in order to fulfill the obligation under the relevant law.
3. The company notifies the members of their purpose and obtains their consent when collecting and using personal information.
4. The company shall not use the collected personal information for purposes other than purpose. In the event that a new purpose has occurred or if a new purpose has been provided to a third party, the purpose of the personal information shall be provided to the users. Exceptions apply, however, if there are other provisions in the related statutes.
5. In the event that the company is required to obtain the consent of the users pursuant to paragraphs 3. and 4., the personal information management manager`s identity (organization, name and telephone number, other contact information, etc.) and the purpose of the information collection,
6. If the company uses the service for purposes other than purpose without the consent of the users pursuant to paragraphs 3 and 4 except as follows, all responsibilities shall be paid by the company. However, if the product is used for purposes other than purpose by the seller or is provided to a third party, the company shall be responsible only if the reason is attributable to the company.
7. The members may request the company to review and correct its personal information at any time, and the company is obliged to take necessary actions without delay. The company will not use such personal information until the error is corrected.
8. In the event of a difference between the members` existing personal information and the personal information that was certified during the accreditation process, the company may modify the members` information with the personal information certified for the authentication.
9. The company shall limit the number of persons who handle the members` personal information to a minimum in order to protect the personal information, and provide all personal information of the users, including credit cards and bank accounts, to the loss, theft, and third party.
10. A third party that receives personal information from or from the company shall destroy such personal information without delay when the purpose or purpose of personal information is achieved.
11. The company does not set the consent boxes for the collection, use, and provision of personal information as selected in advance. In addition, the service that is restricted to user`s refusal to collect, use or provide personal information shall be specified, or the member`s consent shall be denied as reasons for the collection, use or provision of personal information that is not required.

Chapter 6 Other

Article 20 (Disclaimer)
1. In the event that the company can not provide the service due to natural disasters or force majeure, the company shall be exempted from the responsibility for service provision.
2. The company shall not be held liable for the failure of service use due to reasons attributable to the users.
3. The company shall not be held responsible for the reliability or accuracy of informationmedicationment such as the user`s reviews and business reviews.
4. The company is not responsible for damages caused by direct transactions between the users and the affiliates without using the company`s services.
5. The company shall not be held liable for the use of services provided for free unless otherwise specified by applicable laws.
6. The company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the user leaking or providing his personal information to others.
7. Unless the company and its employees and their representatives are intentionally or seriously negligent, the company shall not be liable for damages arising from the following :

1 ) Damage due to false or inaccurate information provided by the user to the company
2 ) Personal damages arising from access to and use of services
3 ) Losses arising from any unauthorized access or use of the server by a third party to the server
4 ) Losses arising from any unauthorized interruption or interruption of transmission to or from a server by a third party
5 ) Damage caused by all viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs that a third party illegally transmits, spreads, or transmits using services.
6 ) Damage caused by errors, omissions, omissions, and destruction of transmitted data
7 ) The civil and criminal responsibility for defamation and other illegal acts arising from the registration of user information and service use between members

8. The company shall not be held liable for loss of revenue expected by the users and for damages caused by other services.
9. The company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages, such as refusal of admission, cancellation of reservation, or non-refundable, arising from the use of accommodation by minors without the guardian.

Article 21 (Dispute resolution)
1. The company acts as an arbitration between guest and host members for the members.
2. In order to comply with Section 21, Guest Members and Host Members will comply with the Use and Refund of MR.MENTION regulations.

Article 22 (Relationship between Connection Services and Functional Services)
1. If the parent and child services are linked in a hyperlink (e.g., the destination of a hyperlink includes letters, pictures, and videos), the former is referred to as a connection service and the latter is referred to as a passive service.
2. The service shall indicate that the member shall not be responsible for any transactions made with the member by the consolidation service, such as goods provided independently, by the initial screen of the service or a pop-up screen when the service is connected.

Article 23 (subordinate laws and arbitration provisions)
1. The Korean law applies to e-commerce disputes between the company and the users.
2. All disputes arising between the parties in connection with this Agreement regarding the use of the service between the company and the users shall be made in accordance with the final arbitration rules of the Korea Committee-Intermediation Intermediation Intentments Act in Seoul, Korea.

Article 1 (Enforcement date)
This Agreement shall take effect on or after November 1, 2017.
MR.MENTION Privacy Statement
- 주식회사 미스터멘션(이하 "회사")는 정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호 등에 관한 법률(이하 '정보통신망법' 개인정보보호법 등 관련 법에 따라 이용자의 개인정보 보호 및 권익을 보호하고 개인정보와 관련한 이용자의 고충을 원활하게 처리할 수 있도록 다음과 같은 처리방침을 두고 있습니다.
- 회사는 개인정보처리방침을 개정하는 경우 개별 공지 (또는 웹 사이트 공지사항)를 통하여 공지합니다.
- 본 방침은 2019년 04월 01일부터 시행됩니다.
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1. 개인정보 수집 목적 및 항목
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2. 개인정보의 보유 및 이용 기간

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- 각각의 개인정보 처리 및 보유 기간은 다음과 같습니다.

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거래내역 및 증빙서류와 관련된 정보 5년 국세기본법, 법인세법
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계약 또는 청약철회 등에 관한 기록 5년 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률
대금결제 및 재화 등의 공급에 관한 기록 5년 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률
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상법 등 관련법령에 따라 보존할 필요가 있는 경우 10년 상법
3. 개인정보의 처리 위탁

- 회사는 원활한 개인정보 업무처리를 위하여 다음과 같이 개인정보 처리업무를 위탁하고 있습니다.

수탁사 위탁업무 연락처
(주)KG 이니시스 휴대폰, 신용카드, 계좌이체, 간편결제, 무통장입금(가상계좌) 등을 통한 결제처리 1588-4954
(주)후이즈 전화연결 중개서비스, 예약정보의 SMS 발신 1588-4259
카페24 호스팅 서비스 1588-3284
(주)케이티엠하우스 기프티콘 구매대행 02-2189-5640
주식회사 비플 녹취 및 IP전화 회선관리 1544-0001
청남회계법인 호스트 소득세 신고 051-622-0020
4. 개인정보의 제3자 제공에 관한 사항

- 회사는 개인정보 제3자 제공이 필요할 경우에는 관련법령에 따라 사전에 동의를 요청합니다. 이 경우 해당내용을 본 개인정보처리방침에 공개하도록 하겠습니다.

제공처 제공목적 제공항목 보유 및 이용기간
숙박서비스 제공업체 숙박예약서비스 이용계약 예약한 숙박서비스의 이용자 예약 서비스 제공
목록보기 이행(서비스 제공, 확인, 이용자 정보 확인) 정보(예약자 이름, 휴대폰번호, 예약번호, 예약한 업체명, 예약한 객실명, 결제금액) 완료 후 6개월

- 회사는 이용자의 개인정보를 사전동의 없이 제3자에게 제공할 수 없습니다. 다만 다음의 경우에는 예외로 합니다.

  · 통계작성, 학술연구 또는 시장조사를 위하여 필요한 경우로서 특정 개인을 식별할 수 없는 형태로 제공하는 경우
  · 관계법령에 의하여 국가기관으로부터 요구 받은 경우
  · 범죄에 대한 수사상의 목적이 있거나, 정보통신 윤리위원회의 요청이 있는 경우
  · 기타 관계법령에서 정한 절차에 따른 요청이 있는 경우

5. 이용자의 권리와 의무 및 그 행사방법

- 회사는 만 14세 미만 아동의 개인정보를 수집하지 않습니다.

- 이용자는 등록되어 있는 이용자 본인의 개인정보 관련하여, 다음과 같은 권리를 행사할 수 있습니다.

  · 이용자는 마이페이지 > 프로필보기에서 언제든지 본인의 개인정보를 열람할 수 있습니다.
  · 이용자는 마이페이지 > 프로필수정에서 언제든지 본인의 개인정보를 정정할 수 있습니다.
  · 이용자는 고객센터, 서면, 전자우편, 홈페이지 등을 통하여 개인정보 처리 정지 및 삭제를 요구할 수 있습니다.
  · 이용자가 개인정보의 오류 등에 대한 정정 또는 삭제를 요청한 경우에는 정정 또는 삭제를 완료하기 전까지 당해 개인정보를 이요하거나 제공하지 않습니다.
  · 개인정보의 정정 및 삭제 요구는 다른 법령에서 그 개인정보가 수집 대상으로 명시되어 있는 경우에는 그 삭제를 요구할 수 없습니다.

- 이용자 권리 행사(열람, 정정, 처리정지, 삭제)는 이용자의 법정대리인이나 위임을 받은 자 등 대리인을 통하여 하실 수 있습니다. 이 경우 개인정보보호법 시행규칙 별지 제11호 서식에 따른 위임장을 제출해야합니다.

- 개인정보주체 권리에 따른 열람의 요구, 정정 · 삭제의 요구, 처리정지의 요구 시 열람 등 요구를 한 자가 본인이거나 정당한 대리인인지를 확인합니다.

- 이용자는 개인정보주체로서 다음과 같은 의무를 가집니다.

  · 이용자는 자신의 개인정보를 최신의 상태로 유지해야 하며, 부정확한 정보 입력으로 발생하는 문제의 책임은 이용자 자신에게 있습니다.
  · 이용자는 계정 등에 대해 보안을 유지할 책임이 있으며 제3자에게 이를 양도하거나 대여할 수 없습니다.
  · 타인의 개인정보를 도용하여 서비스 신청 시 이용자격 상실과 함께 관계법령에 의거하여 처벌될 수 있습니다.

6. 개인정보의 파기

- 회사는 원칙적으로 개인정보 처리목적이 달성된 경우에는 지체 없이 해당 개인정보를 파기합니다. 파기의 절차 및 방법은 다음과 같습니다.

  · 파기절차

  • 이용자가 입력한 정보는 목적 달성 후 즉시 파기 합니다. 다만, 1년간 서비스를 이용하지 않은 회원은 이를 이메일로 고지하고 이용자의 별도의 요청이 없는 경우 이용고객정보와 분리하여 안전하게 별도 보관합니다.
  • 별도 DB로 옮겨진 개인정보는 법률에 의한 경우를 제외하고는 다른 목적으로 이용되지 않으며 관리자 외 접근을 엄격하게 통제하고 있습니다.
  •   · 파기방법

  • 전자적 파일 형태의 정보는 기록을 재생할 수 없는 기술적 방법을 사용합니다.
  • 종이에 출력된 개인정보는 파쇄기를 통하여 파기합니다.
  • 7. 개인정보 자동 수집 장치의 설치와 운영 거부에 관한 사항

      · 쿠키의 이용목적

  • 이용자 접속기록 기반 맞춤형 서비스 제공
  • 자동 로그인
  •   · 쿠키의 설치∙운영 및 거부 방법 : 아래 방법을 통해 쿠키 저장을 거부 할 수 있습니다.

  • Internet Explorer의 경우 : 웹브라우저 상단의 도구>인터넷 옵션>개인정보 메뉴의 옵션 설정
  • Microsoft Edge의 경우 : 웹브라우저 상단 메뉴 > 설정 > 고급 설정 보기 > 쿠키 메뉴의 옵션 설정
  • Chrome의 경우 : 웹브라우저 상단 메뉴 > 설정 > 고급 > 콘텐츠 설정 > 쿠키 메뉴의 옵션 설정
  •   · 쿠키 저장을 거부할 경우, 서비스 이용에는 문제가 없으나 맞춤형 서비스를 이용 하실 수 없습니다.

    8. 개인정보보호책임자 안내

    - 회사는 개인정보처리에 관한 업무를 총괄해서 책임지고, 개인정보 처리와 관련한 이용자의 불만처리 및 피해구제 등을 위하여 아래와 같이 개인정보보호책임자를 지정하고 있습니다.

      · 개인정보보호 책임자

  • 성명 : 정성준
  • 직책 : 대표이사
  • 연락처 :
  •   · 개인정보보호 담당부서

  • 부서명 : 경영지원팀
  • 담당자 : 강윤아
  • 연락처 : 051-903-5020,, FAX : 051-903-5023
  • - 이용자는 회사 서비스를 이용하면서 발생한 모든 개인정보보호 관련 문의, 불만처리, 피해구제 등에 관한 사항을 개인정보보호 책임자로 문의하실 수 있습니다. 회사는 이용자의 문의에 대해 지체 없이 답변 및 처리해드릴 것입니다

    9. 개인정보의 안전성 확보 조치

    - 회사는 개인정보보호법 제29조에 따라 다음과 같이 안전성 확보에 필요한 기술적/관리적 및 물리적 조치를 하고 있습니다.

      · 개인정보 취급 직원의 최소화 및 교육

  • 개인정보를 취급하는 직원을 지정하고 담당자에 한정시켜 최소화하여 개인정보를 관리하는 대책을 시행하고 있습니다.
  •   · 내부관리계획의 수립 및 시행

  • 개인정보의 안전한 처리를 위하여 내부관리계획을 수립하고 시행하고 있습니다.
  • 개인정보보호 전문업체와 전략적 제휴를 통해 개인정보보호 체계를 운영하고 있습니다.
  •   · 개인정보의 암호화

  • 이용자의 개인정보는 암호화 되어 저장 및 관리되고 있습니다. 또한 중요한 데이터는 저장 및 전송 시 암호화하여 사용하는 등의 별도 보안기능을 사용하고 있습니다.
  •   · 해킹 등에 대비한 기술적 대책

  • 회사는 해킹이나 컴퓨터 바이러스 등에 의한 개인정보 유출 및 훼손을 막기 위하여 개인정보 취급자의 PC 에 보안프로그램을 설치하고 주기적인 갱신•점검을 하고 있습니다.
  •   · 물리적 보호대책

  • 정보유출 등을 방지하기 위하여 외부인의 출입을 통제하는 출입통제시스템을 상시 운영하고 있으며, 24시간 CCTV 및 보안업체의 경비 시스템이 운영되고 있어 사전 인가된 자의 보호구역 출입을 허용합니다.
  •   · 개인정보에 대한 접근 제한

  • 개인정보를 처리하는 개인정보처리시스템에 대한 접근권한의 부여, 변경, 말소를 통하여 개인정보에 대한 접근통제를 위하여 필요한 조치를 하고 있습니다.
  • 10. 정보주체의 권익침해에 대한 구제방법

    - 정보주체의 권익침해 관련 자세한 도움이 필요하시면 아래 기관에 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다

      · 개인정보 침해신고센터 (한국인터넷진흥원 운영)

  • 소관업무 : 개인정보 침해사실 신고, 상담 신청
  • 홈페이지 :
  • 전화 : (국번없이) 118
  • 주소 : (58324) 전남 나주시 진흥길 9(빛가람동 301-2) 3층 개인정보침해신고센터
  •   · 개인정보 분쟁조정위원회

  • 소관업무 : 개인정보 분쟁조정신청, 집단분쟁조정 (민사적 해결)
  • 홈페이지 :
  • 전화 : (국번없이) 1833-6972
  • 주소 : (03171)서울특별시 종로구 세종대로 209 정부서울청사 4층
  •   · 대검찰청 사이버범죄수사단 : 02-3480-3573 (

      · 경찰청 사이버안전국 : 182 (

    11. 개인정보처리방침 변경에 관한 사항

    - 이 개인정보처리방침은 시행일로부터 적용되며, 관련법령 및 방침에 따른 변경내용의 추가, 삭제 및 정정이 있는 경우에는 변경사항의 시행 7일 전부터 홈페이지를 통하여 고지할 것입니다.

    Juvenile Protection Policy
    (Note) MR.MENTION(" Company ")) In order to protect the youth from harmful information about the youth, a policy for protecting the youth is prepared and implemented in accordance with the government guidelines and the service operation policy. Accordingly, the following activities are conducted to prevent harmful information access for those under 19 years of age.

    ① Implementation of the youth protection plan and education for the person in charge of management of the youth`s harmful information
    ② Child access restriction and protective measures for youth harmful information
    ③ Counselling of damages and handling complaints caused by harmful information on teenagers
    ④ Other items necessary to protect the youth from harmful information of the youth

    The company has taken care of youth protection measures to protect youth from harmful information and to handle damage counseling and complaints.

    [Youth Protection Manager]
    - Member : (Week) Mr. Mention
    - Name : Jung Sung Joon

    [Youth Protection Manager]
    - Member : (State) MR.MENTIONManagement Support Team
    - Name : Kang Yun-ah
    - Phone number : 051-903-5020
    - E-mail :

    This Agreement shall apply as of November 1, 2017.